I strongly dislike my job. I dread going into my shifts, most days I feel like Sisyphus (Google, Myth of Sisyphus).

I dislike my job because I feel I am wasting my life and my potential. I have had many jobs with various duties and wages. This current job is general labour, for minimum wage.

I dislike working so hard for someone else is benefit, and only being offered a tiny bit of the profits in exchange.

I dislike getting injuries at work, my right shoulder is damaged, or getting a weird rash from the plastic gloves I wear.

I dislike repetitive mind numbing tasks.

I dislike working overnight.

I dislike being talked down to.

I dislike being so tired that I sleep till my next shift. It is a struggle to attend to my own needs and interests after work, cooking, cleaning, etc.

(But hey if you don’t make plans or execute them successfully, best know someone has a plan for you.)

I dislike, but I do not hate my job or any job I have had. I cannot, because they are a blessing.

1. They provide me with the opportunity and the privilege to make dollars, and to invest dollars back into myself to better my situation. (IMPORTANT)

2. They provide me with a source of income by which I can provide myself with food, shelter, clothes, transportation, and entertainment.

3. They provide me with a source of income with which I can help others who I feel compelled to help out financially. (Be careful who you help financially, no one has a right to your money)

4. They allow me to see the various workings of various businesses. ( I study every organization I work for.)

5. I witness the amount of work that goes into small and medium size businesses by their owners.(Usually they work 7 days a week.)

6. You meet interesting people and are reminded, all peoples have problems important to them, same way your problems are to you. (If it was an oppression Olympics or suffering Olympics, or whatever, I would not place podium.)

7. You meet interesting people, like one of my co-workers, a middle aged Filipino woman I met earlier this week at the factory. On our way out she said “Hey, when I come to work ,I always hear “Locked Up by Akon and Styles P” in my head, what about you?”All I could do was laugh from the depths of my soul, because I did, I honestly did and still do. This woman made me laugh the rest of the shift she was too trill.

8. You meet interesting people, that may point you in the direction of greater opportunities.

Everyone has the right to the pursuit of happiness, no one has the right to be happy.

There are a lot of places outside of Canada and the G20 where people may never get an opportunity to get a job or a decent wage. They cannot save or invest and change their situation in life.

Show up early to work, put in a good days work or, mount the dog and pretend to work. Don’t curse and moan, because everybody got problems fam.

Remember when you’re going to a job you dislike, count your blessings.

Raise yourself to change yourself, to whoever you want to be!

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